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Image of a tortoiseThe clinic is equipped to see a range of species including reptiles, birds, amphibians, small primates, fish and other small mammals. We are happy to treat chinchillas, however we do not consider rabbits or small rodents such as hamsters or rats exotic species.

We do NOT treat dogs or cats. Appointments for these animals should be made direct with Hipperholme Veterinary Surgery on 01422 209999.

We offer a full medical and surgical service for exotic pets. Clients are encouraged to stay with their pet during the consultation, where they are able to watch the vet administer any treatments required and perform some minor surgical procedures.


Image of veterinary equipmentAs specialists in Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, the practice owns a wide range of specialised equipment suitable for exotic animals including ultrasonography, radiography, rigid and flexible endoscopy and micro-surgical equipment.

We use a very safe, modern anaesthetic maintenance agent, Isoflurane, for all patients should immobilisation or surgery be required.

We stock a range of vitamin, mineral and rehydration products suitable for exotic species, and have an extensive pharmacy containing specific drugs appropriate for our patients. We recommend and stock Harrisons Organic Bird Diet.

Avian and Exotic Clinic
Hipperholme Veterinary Surgery
Unit 4, Co-operative Parade, Denholme Gate Road, Hipperholme HX3 8LT
Telephone +44 (0) 1535 605033

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