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What animals do you treat?

Our clinic in Hipperholme is equipped to see most pet bird species, including parrots and birds of prey. We also see reptiles, chinchillas, fish, amphibians, small species of native British wildlife and small primates. We do not have the specialist knowledge to be able to treat invertebrates such as spiders.

Should I starve my pet before seeing the vet?

Please do not give your pet anything to eat or drink for two hours before your appointment. (For UNWEANED birds, please telephone the office for feeding advice before you come to the surgery). If in doubt, please ask at the time of making the appointment.

How can I transport my pet?

We ask all our clients to keep their pet secured on the journey and whilst in the waiting room of our surgery.

Please note that the waiting room area is quite small, so please do not bring very large cages or boxes

Birds are best brought to the clinic in a small cage or a plastic cat carrier. Please remove all toys, food and water bowls etc. before your journey, but do not remove soiled paper from the bottom of the cage, as this may be helpful for our diagnosis. Please avoid the use of wood chippings or sawdust. Do not transport birds in open wire-mesh cages unless they are fully tame.

Snakes/lizards/amphibians may be transported in small vivaria or secure cardboard boxes. Large snakes may be transported in a duvet cover or pillow case. If your pet requires a heat source such as a hot water bottle for the journey please ensure that the animal is able to move away from the heat and that the bottle is well wrapped in a towel to avoid contact burns.

Small mammals travel well in plastic cat boxes.

How much will a consultation cost?

Our consultation fee is a minimum of 30 (inc. VAT). If your pet requires any medication, diagnostic tests, x-rays or other work there will be an additional charge. Please speak to our vet if you are concerned about the cost of your pet's treatment.

How can I pay?

We accept payment by credit card, debit card or cash. All fees must be paid at the time of the consultation, unless other arrangements have previously been agreed

Referrals (Information for Vets)

We are happy to see referrals and second opinions from other veterinary surgeries. Please telephone our head office (01535 605033) where we will make the necessary arrangements.

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