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Client Consent Policy Statement

The submission of diagnostic samples to IZVG Pathology indicates that the client consents to the following:

  1. Examination, further testing and reporting of samples as appropriate for the satisfactory diagnosis of the case by IZVG Pathology, including the onward referral of samples to external laboratories if required.

  2. IZVG Pathology may allow, once diagnosis is complete, onward submission of suitable carcasses for taxonomic, research and bona fide educational purposes, to approved organisations or individuals, together with basic case information.

  3. IZVG Pathology may collect and retain, indefinitely, diagnostic and research samples including (but not limited to) formalin-fixed tissues, fresh/frozen tissues, bodily fluids and faecal samples, as well as histological/cytological preparations and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded cassettes derived from these.

  4. IZVG Pathology may use data, samples and images originating from diagnostic examinations for its own anonymised retrospective research studies into pathology/disease.

  5. IZVG Pathology will retain title to the intellectual property rights in any tests and services. No other party has the right to use, disclose, copy or otherwise publish the same without the advance permission of IZVG Pathology.

The following will not be undertaken unless further explicit consent has been sought from the submitting collection, including receipt by IZVG Pathology of a formal research authorisation from an appropriate Ethics/Review Committee within the collection where appropriate:

  1. Non-anonymised research studies by IZVG Pathology.

  2. Release of data to Third Parties for research purposes.

  3. Release of sample materials to Third Parties for research purposes.

  4. Release of sample materials to Third Parties for any commercial purpose.

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