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It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that samples are suitably packaged to ensure the safety of postal and laboratory staff.

  1. The packaging shall be of good quality, strong enough to withstand the shocks and loadings normally encountered during carriage. Packaging shall be such that there is no loss of contents (or leaks) that might be caused under normal conditions of carriage.

Please contact IZVG Pathology (01535 692000 or email) for information on suitable packaging materials for samples. Appropriate packaging kits, in the form of green boxes can be supplied to clients.

  1. The packaging shall consist of three components
  • a primary receptacle;
  • a secondary packaging; and
  • an outer packing.
  1. Primary receptacles shall be packed in secondary packaging in such a way that, under normal conditions of carriage, they cannot break, be punctured or leak their contents into the secondary packaging. Secondary packaging shall be secured in outer packaging with suitable cushioning material. Any leakage of the contents shall not compromise the integrity of the cushioning material or of the outer packaging.

  2. For carriage, the mark illustrated below shall be displayed on the external surface of the outer packaging on a background of a contrasting colour and shall be clearly visible and legible.

Download UN3373 Biological Substance Category B

Full packaging instructions including more details on packaging liquids, solids and refrigerated or frozen samples are available.

Different courier companies and national postal services may have differing requirements and rules on what may be transported and in what packaging. Please check locally.

The IATA guidelines should be considered the standard for samples from overseas. If in doubt, please contact IZVG Pathology (01535 692000 or email).

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