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Image of Andrew Greenwood and dolphin

Andrew Greenwood MA, VetMB, FSB, CBiol, DipECZM, FRCVS - Partner

Andrew joined David Taylor as a partner in 1973 and, in 1976, they together formed the International Zoo Veterinary Group. An internationally recognised expert in avian diseases and marine mammal care, he is a Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Currently, Andrew acts as veterinary advisor to various conservation projects in Mauritius, and to the World Parrot Trust. He is a Council member of Twycross Zoo and has served on the Council of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Zoological Society of London. Andrew is a Trustee of the Wildlife Information Network and the World Parrot Trust and is a member of the government-appointed Zoos Forum.

Andrew is based in Yorkshire, in the North of England.

Image of John Lewis and Amur Tiger

John Lewis MA, VetMB, PhD, MRCVS - Partner

John received his doctorate for work in human oncology and joined the practice in 1985. With wide experience in feline & primate medicine, advanced techniques of anaesthesia, and wildlife medicine, he is recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, and was appointed to Part 1 of Secretary of State's list of zoo inspectors in July 1996. John is a veterinary advisor to the Tiger and Amur Leopard EEP’s and the EAZA Felid TAG, and a member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group. Being a founder member and veterinary director of Wildlife Vets International, John is actively involved in several cat field conservation projects.

Based in Kent, John is a visiting lecturer at the Durrell Institute for Conservation Ecology.

Sue Thornton BSc, BVetMed, MRCVS - PartnerImage of Sue Thornton and penguin at Scarborough Sealife Centre

Sue joined the practice in May 2000, having previously worked as Veterinary Officer at London Zoo and the Marine Mammal Center, California. She is a government appointed Zoo Inspector. Sue became a partner in the practice in 2003. Sue was the Senior Vice President of BVZS in 2007/2008, and is a veterinary advisor to the EAZA Amphibian and Reptile TAG and the UK HerpTAG.

In addition to her experience with a broad range of species, Sue has a special interest in fish and lower vertebrates, and is consultant vet to a number of aquaria.

Sue is based in Hertfordshire, in the South of England.

Image of Steve with Tiger

Steve Philp BSc(Hons) MA VetMB GP Cert (Ex AP) MRCVS- Partner

Steve joined the practice in July 2011. Before he graduated from Cambridge University in 2005, he completed a course in Chemical and Mass Capture in South Africa and spent some time touring the country working with a Game Capture Team. Since qualifying, he has spent 6 years in mixed practice in the South West, seeing first opinion exotics cases. In 2007 he became the approved Vet for Newquay Zoo and provided their veterinary cover for more than 3 years whilst also providing services for Cornish Birds of Prey, Colliford Lake Park and the RSPCA. During that time he also assisted with some of IZVG’s work at Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay.

Steve is based in Cambridge, in the South of England.

Tania Pawlowsky Monreal MRCVS- VeterinarianImage of Tania Monreal with Ibis

Tania graduated from Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona in February 1998, and spent 4 years travelling the World, working in zoos and conservation projects in Greece, Finland, Argentina, Mexico, the US, and with a whale Photo-ID and whale watching project in Norway. In 2000, she started working as a vet for the Aspro-Ocio group, becoming head of the Veterinary Department by 2002 and Technical Director by 2006. For a few years, Tania divided her time between working for Barcelona Zoo as Curator for Aquatic Animals, and working for IZVG. Since 2015 she has worked full time with IZVG. Tania is also Chair of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals Veterinary and Accreditation Committee, as well as an inspector for the Association. She is a member of the International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine, the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians and the British Veterinary Association.

Tania is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Image of Karen

Karen Archer BVSc BSc (Hons) CertAVP (ZM) MRCVS- Veterinarian

Karen joined the IZVG team in June 2017. She graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2007, having also completed a degree in Veterinary Conservation Medicine in 2005. Karen spent the following 10 years in mixed practice whilst also providing veterinary care to three North West zoological collections and seeing first opinion pet exotic cases. Karen is a List 1 Secretary of State Zoo Inspector.

In her spare time Karen enjoys competing in triathlons and particularly enjoys open water swimming in Scotland and the Lake District.

Karen is based in Lancaster in the North West of England.

Image of Harvey

Richard Harvey BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS - Veterinarian

Harvey graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2012. Since qualifying he has worked in first opinion practice, emergency medicine, military practice and conservation. He has a special interest in large animal anaesthesia and wildlife medicine, having worked as a field veterinarian for a number of conservation projects in Central and West Africa. Harvey joined the practice in June 2019 and is still actively involved in African wildlife conservation. Outside of work Harvey is a keen mountaineer, sailor and trail runner.

Harvey is based in Nottingham in the Midlands.

Image of Stephanie

Stephanie Grimmett BVSc Hons Cert AqV MRCVS- Veterinarian

Stephanie graduated from the University of Queensland in 1998, having spent part of her undergraduate years working with fish, horses and koalas. After stints working for the RSPCA and in private practice, she worked in the Aquatic Animal Health Program at Cornell University. She joined the IZVG in 2020.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys travelling and bird watching. She has a keen interest in marine conservation.

Stephanie is based in the West Midlands

Mark Stidworthy MA VetMB PhD MRCPath MRCVS - Principal Veterinary Pathologist

Image of Mark Stidworthy

Mark has been responsible for the pathology division of IZVG since 2003. He has pathology residency training and diagnostic experience from Liverpool and Cambridge Veterinary Schools, and completed his PhD, studying repair in the central nervous system, at Cambridge. Mark is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in the specialty of Veterinary Pathology, and an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Pathology (Zoo and Wildlife). Mark is the current Senior Vice-President of the British Veterinary Zoological Society and was the Founder Secretary of the British Society of Veterinary Pathology. He speaks and publishes regularly in the field of zoo and wildlife pathology.

Daniela Denk Dr med vet DiplECVP MRCVS - Pathologist

Image of Daniela Denk

Daniela joined the practice in March 2011. After graduating from the Veterinary School of Munich University, Germany in 2006, she began her pathology training and wrote her thesis on dermatopathological alterations in canine atopic dermatitis. Daniela completed her pathology residency at Liverpool University and is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists and a RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Pathology (Zoo and Wildlife). In addition to her focus on zoo and wildlife pathology, she maintains her interests in neuropathology and dermatology. She is an active member of the European Society of Veterinary Pathologists, and the International Society of Veterinary Dermatopathologists. Daniela is a pathology advisor to the EEHV advisory group . She speaks and publishes regularly in the field of zoo and wildlife pathology.

Olivia Walter BSc (Hons) MSc - Researcher & Wildlife Vets International

Olivia got her first degree at University of Edinburgh before starting work as a small mammal keeper at ZSL London Zoo and then at Sharjah Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife, before returning to ZSL to work as a zoo population manager. Prior to starting at IZVG, Olivia worked for the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums helping members exceed standards set by the Zoo Licensing Act, representing zoos to the public, media and policy decision makers. While at BIAZA, Olivia obtained her MSc in Conservation Biology from the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology.

Olivia runs conservation charity Wildlife Vets International, as well as carrying out research work for clients.

Administration & Finance

Martin Gallagher - Business Manager

Martin joined the practice in September 2018, and is the Business Manager.

Administration Team

Claire Kelly, Tish Saxton, Lynne Mason and Bridget Ward run our busy head office, taking on secretarial and administration duties, and ordering and distributing medical supplies and zoovet products. They ensure that the whole practice works smoothly.

Pathology Technicians

Neil Wagstaffe - Senior Pathology Technician

Neil joined the practice in January 2018. He previously worked at Nationwide Laboratories in Leeds, who provide technical support to IZVG Pathology, so he has being handling and processing our samples since January 2007. Neil graduated the previous year from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc in Human Biology.

Ayesha Ansar - Pathology Technician

Ayesha graduated in 2015 with a Biomedical Science degree from the University of Bradford, and worked in small animal practice for a few months before starting to work as a trainee histology scientist at IDEXX Laboratories. She started working for IZVG in 2018.

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