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Image of Zoovet Products International Zoo Veterinary Group has worked with specialist manufacturers to develop a range nutritional supplement suitable for zoo and aquatic animals. These were developed in response to the unavailability or withdrawal of other products in Europe, or inadequate formulations and unsuitable pack sizes. Zoovet products are not supplied to the pet market.

Our bestselling Aquavit vitamin and mineral tablets for marine mammals and other fish eaters continue to be widely used by European marinelands and aquaria.

Aquatic animal products:

Aquavits - vitamin and mineral supplement for cetaceans, pinnipeds,and other large fish-eaters
Aquaminivits - vitamin and mineral supplement for small fish eating mammals, birds and reptiles
Ferrous Gluconate Tablets (300mg) additional iron supplement for marine mammals
Salt Tablets (300mg and 1g) for marine mammals and birds kept in freshwater
Elasmobranch Tablets - vitamin and mineral supplements for sharks, rays and other elasmobranchs
Aquatic Gel Diets (Herbivore and Omnivore) for feeding and administering medications to fish

Other Zoovet products:

Carnivore and Herbivore Calcium - Calcium and phosphorus supplement individually balanced for carnivorous and herbivorous animals. Widely used in reptiles and large cats.
Cricket Calci-Paste - Diets designed for the nutrient loading of prey items fed to insectivores.
Emcelle - Highly concentrated and bio-available vitamin E supplement for Elephants, Rhinos and other large herbivores.
Vitamin D3 and E in oil - a supplement specially formulated for the supplementation of New World primates.
Zoovet Colour Feed Supplement- a supplement formulated to provide extra pigment precursors for birds with natural yellow-red feather colouring based on carotenoids, when these are not available in captive diets.
Zoovet Electrolyte - water soluble oral rehydration and probiotic supplement in convenient pack sizes, suitable for most zoo and exotic animals.

A price list pdf file is available here.

If you require further details, or a catalogue of our full range, please E-mail our head office.


IZVG highly recommend Marine Nutrition Ltd as a supplier of sustainably sourced frozen fish/mammal food. They cater for small and medium sized animal/fish collections as well as larger zoos and public aquariums.


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