The International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG) is the largest full time freelance zoological veterinary practice in the world. IZVG was founded in 1976, by the association of two practices involved in zoo animal medicine. Based in the UK, we work with zoos, parks and aquaria around the world, treating wild, rare and endangered species.

Over the years we have become increasingly involved in providing veterinary support for conservation projects around the world, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Paraguay, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Russia, Indonesia and the Caribbean Islands. Our work is closely linked with the conservation charity Wildlife Vets International (WVI). WVI was founded by Dr John Lewis and Dr Andrew Greenwood and a number of our vets continue to support valuable projects helping protect endangered species in the wild. Specialist veterinary knowledge is vital to these projects, which we are perfectly placed to provide.
Tania regularly supports several turtle health centres, ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Athens, Fundacion CRAM in Barcelona and Local Ocean Conservation in Kenya.
Karen recently visited West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA), to support feasability studies for potential reintroduction of captive animals into a community protected area, a repeat visit is planned for 2022 for on the ground training, advice and support.

IZVG Pathology was set up in 2003 in response to the need for a dedicated zoo and wildlife pathology service. We provide a specialised anatomic pathology service (post mortem examinations and histopathology) in exotic species including fish. Our pathologists work closely with IZVG’s team of experienced clinicians, supported by our research and consultancy operation, focusing on diagnosing disease in exotic species.

IZVG has worked with specialist manufacturers to develop a range of nutritional supplements, ZOOVET products, suitable for zoo and aquatic animals. These were developed in response to the unavailability or withdrawal of other products in Europe, or inadequate formulations and unsuitable package sizes. Our bestselling Aquavit vitamin and mineral tablets for marine mammals and other fish eaters continue to be widely used by European marinelands and aquaria.

The late David Taylor, founding partner of IZVG.
Andrew keeping himself and friend dry.
Harvey fitting radio tracking collars deep in the African bush.
Karen with an inquisitive lemur.
The late John Lewis working on a walrus.
Nic removing a piece of hook from the jaw of a nurse shark.
Case discussions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sue operating on a sandtiger shark.
Tania working with vets from CRAM, (Centre Rescat Animals Marins).

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